Parley is product of jswalker,which help people to connect with following cases

  • Celebrity To Fan
  • Role model To Fan
  • Anonymous To Anonymous
  • Depend on user perspective


Technology used in Parley

  • Node.js(Platform)
  • Jswalker(Private MVC framework)
  • Redis(Frequent Live user set)
  • Socket(Realtime Data-Exchange)
  • WebRTC(Realtime Coomunication)


Verification process of parley is simple,If you have twitter verified account you can claim celebrity tag in parley by verify twitter account via parley-twitter api : You can see verify option after login at top-left header bar.


Live parley is very quick way to connect people in very realtime

  • Live parley can see the total fan connected
  • Initially see 5 people who connected called a "RADAR-Zone"
  • Skip process will fetch new user and replace by skipped user